Adam Henderson
Adam has years of experience in both selling and installing hardwood floors. In 2002, he started Full Circle with his brother Kory. While at work, Adam is often found handling the sales calls and managing the day to day projects that often come from running a business. He also takes his job as a boss seriously. He takes pride in the culture and work environment that he provides at Full Circle by hiring people who share similar values, dedication and passion for the work they are doing on a daily basis.

After work, you can often find Adam spending time with his family, changing a few diapers and relaxing the evening away with a cold beverage.

Kory Henderson
Since Kory was in high school, he knew he wanted to own his own business one day. After his days in school, Kory spent time in a vocational program refining his skills by building things and doing trade work.

As a skilled craftsman, Kory has years of experience in furniture making, carpentry and working with his hands. ¬†At Full Circle, you can often find Kory managing jobs on-site and making sure things are getting done and running smoothly. When asked about what he loves most about his job, he’ll tell you that it’s about his sense of accomplishment when the job gets done, providing excellent customer service and by going the extra mile on every project he manages.

When he’s not working, you can often find Kory swinging the club on a golf course, mudding up his 4-wheeler or visiting locally owned restaurants.