New Installation

New and pre-finished floors.

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New Installation

There are few renovations you can make to the interior or your house or space that will offer such a significant impact. The options allow you to personalize in ways that carpeting just doesn’t and the choices can be somewhat overwhelming. It all starts with the type of wood (species) and each additional choice gives the opportunity for more personality. Stain, finish and positioning all can be varied to highlight features of the room, make it appear larger or just increase the level of ambiance.

Full Circle offers a variety of finished or pre-finished floors. We are also able to do custom design work such as herring bone, borders and inlays. Contact us for more information on the type of custom work we can do for you.

Benefits of hardwood floors

  • Adaptability – from the most elegant, formal sitting room to game rooms, they work.
  • Durability – with proper care and maintenance they will last you a lifetime.
  • Value – often noted as a key feature in reselling a house or condo.
  • Minimal care – the beauty continues with very minimal cleaning
  • Healthy environment – allergens collect in the fibers in carpet and even in grout lines and with wood this isn’t a problem
  • Ecofriendly – Hardwood floors last longer and offer the availability of sustainable / environmentally friendly options