Hardwood vs. Laminate flooring cost

Reduce Cost While Keeping Up Appearances


Are you convinced that a brand new hardwood floor is just what your home needs?  Do you love everything about it except the cost? Have you considered laminate flooring as an alternative?  It’s true, hardwood flooring can be an expensive investment. But there are ways to achieve this popular look without breaking the bank.  Laminate flooring cost will be considerably less than authentic hardwood.  And it will look and feel very similar.

laminate vs. hardwood price chart

Laminate flooring provides a low cost solution to great looking, durable floors.  If you’ve always wanted the look and feel of hardwood floors in your home but have been slightly put off by the the high prices,  laminate flooring is worth looking into. But what exactly should you consider when faced with a final decision?

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring


Besides the cost, laminate flooring has a few other attractive qualities.  First of all, it is extremely easy to maintain. Its durable and scratch resistant surface makes it a breeze to keep laminate flooring looking like new with a basic sweeping and mopping routine. You can even keep that beautiful shine by using a quality wood floor cleaner

Laminate floors are also more resistant to moisture and are a perfect choice for high traffic areas.  Kids and pets can be a burden on your floors.  Constant spills, drops, bangs and scrapes can be a nightmare when it comes to keeping your floors in like-new condition.  And let’s not forget about our furry little friends.  Laminate floors prove to be more durable under pet wear and tear as well.

Of course, some homeowners prefer the real thing.  As much as manufacturing technology has progressed, you will still see a difference (though very little) in appearance between laminate and hardwood floors.  It may also be beneficial to consider your home’s resale value.  Hardwood floors will, in many cases, increase the value of your home, whereas laminate floors will not.

What Exactly is Laminate Flooring?


Laminate flooring is a synthetic flooring material designed to mimic the appearance of natural hardwood floors.  This material can also be used to mimic stone surfaces. The key to the realistic look of laminate flooring is that the top layer is a photographic print covered by a clear protective layer.  The process of manufacturing laminate flooring is what makes this material such a versatile, durable and cost effective alternative.

laminate flooring

Overall, for most homeowners laminate flooring cost is the most attractive quality.  For others it may be the durability and moisture resistant features.  Whatever interests you the most, it goes without saying that laminate flooring is a wonderful alternative to hardwood.  So whether you have a small flooring project like room or a hallway, or your entire home, remember that you can achieve the look of beautiful wood floors even if your on a budget.