Tile flooring: transform your space with elegance and durability

Welcome to the world of tile flooring, where beauty meets functionality in every tile. Our extensive selection offers a diverse range of tile flooring options, perfect for any room in your home. With various styles, colors, and textures, our tile flooring selection promises to enhance your space's aesthetic while providing long-lasting durability.

Choosing between ceramic and porcelain tile


Regarding tile flooring, two popular choices are ceramic and porcelain tiles. Though they may look similar, there are key differences to consider.

  • Composition and manufacturing: Ceramic tiles are made from clay and other natural materials and fired in kilns at lower temperatures. This process results in a tile that is softer and less dense than porcelain tile. Porcelain tiles are created from a more refined clay and fired at higher temperatures. This makes them denser, harder, and less porous than ceramic tiles.
  • Durability and usage: Porcelain tiles are known for their exceptional durability. They are more resistant to heavy foot traffic, moisture, and wear and tear, so they're ideal for high-traffic spaces in homes and businesses. Ceramic tiles, while durable, are better suited for lighter traffic areas and are often preferred for their wide range of designs and affordability.
  • Maintenance and installation: Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are low maintenance and easy to clean. However, porcelain tiles are more challenging to cut and install due to their density. This might require professional installation, especially for complex patterns or spaces.

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What are the benefits of tile flooring?


Tile flooring is not just about aesthetics; it offers a range of benefits that make it a practical floor covering for homeowners and designers alike.

  • Durability and longevity: Tiles are incredibly durable and can withstand the test of time. These floors are resistant to scratches, dents, and moisture, so they're ideal for areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Properly installed and maintained tile floors can last for decades.
  • Easy to maintain: One of the most significant advantages of tile flooring is its ease of maintenance. Tiles resist stains, dirt, and odors and can be easily cleaned with simple methods. Regular sweeping and mopping are all it takes to keep tile floors looking new.
  • Health and hygiene: Tiles are an excellent option for those concerned with indoor air quality. They do not harbor allergens, dust mites, or bacteria, so they're a hygienic choice for homes and public spaces. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with allergies or respiratory issues.
  • Eco-friendly options: Many tile flooring options are made from natural, sustainable materials. Additionally, some tiles are made from recycled materials, so they're an eco-friendly flooring choice. Their long lifespan also means less frequent replacement, reducing waste.
  • Versatility in design: With an endless variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, tiles offer limitless design possibilities. Tile flooring can replicate the look of natural stone, wood, or even fabric, providing flexibility to match any decor style. Whether you're aiming for a classic, modern, or eclectic look, there's a tile to fit your vision.
  • Adding value to your home: Tile floors can increase the value of your property. Their timeless appeal and durability make them attractive for potential home buyers.

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Tile flooring combines beauty, durability, and practicality, making it an ideal floor covering for any space. Whether you're renovating your home or designing a new space, our tile flooring options cater to every style and need. Visit Full Circle Flooring to explore our collection and find the perfect tiles to bring your vision to life. Our tile shops in Westfield, IN, Noblesville, IN, serves Carmel, IN, Westfield, IN, Zionsville, IN, Noblesville, IN, Indianapolis, IN, and Fishers, IN. Call today!